Branded Data


About Branded Data

Realize the full potential of your audience. Utilizing Navegg's expertise and technology, publishers or brands can make segments of their audiences available in programmatic platforms or portals, generating a new form of data monetization.

Why Branded Data

  • Monetization

    Data Exchange is a new form of monetization that can be used by both publishers and brands.

  • A more intelligent digital life

    Your data can help build a more intelligent digital life by offering specific segments that helps agencies, brands and trading desks find audiences with specific characteristics while helping the consumer to see relevant advertising.

  • New business

    Agreements with trading desks and publishers, currently partners of Navegg, can be established to generate business.

  • DSP standard taxonomy

    Navegg technology enables the extraction of segments automatically and with integration in line with the taxonomy used by these platforms.

  • Navegg Expertise

    Navegg is in the market for 12 years, and is the largest data provider in Latin America, classifying thousands of anonymous browsing cookies collected in more than 2500 segments.

  • A union between the data and the platforms for sales

    Navegg already possesses the structure to release audiences in the main programmatic platforms of the market.

  • Anti-fraud

    The VHT anti-fraud methodology can be plugged into audience segments and was created to allow ads to be viewed by people only, not robots.

  • Respeito à privacidade do usuário

    Only anonymous data is analyzed. The DNT protocol is respected, as well as the opt-out option.


If you would you like to use this new form of audience monetization, please contact one of our consultants.

Who uses Branded Data