6 cases of data use that optimizes results

Business that use data to take decisions and optmize results see their eficiency indicators growing up.


The use of data in an intelligent way has brought benefits for business from different niches and improving their process and results. The data provides knowledge about audience that allows campaigns according to the habits of navigation and the internet users’ preference, deliver of right content, enhancement of commercial proposals, offer customs and richer reports. Navegg has collected information and interviews of six big market players that are acquiring huge success with the use of that strategy.


Cadreon – Application of data in media

Cadreon is an unit of programmatic media that manages campaigns for agencies and advertisers combining technology, data, inventory and intelligence to deliver full solutions. In their case, the use of data is present in all the process of media operation, focused on the purchase of audiences instead of channels. In the definition of target, occurs the match between what was defined previously and what was discovered by insights extracted from DMP. By end, the execution is supported by the choice of segments that helped the campaign to be more assertive.

“The sustention of data was always a fundamental piece to guarantee the best quality possible in our delivers. Inside this landscape, Navegg has proved as an important partner, specially in supplying behaviour information, which complement huge part of our campaigns. The search by more assertivity is frequent and, in my opinion, is a challenge shared with Navegg.” – Say Walter Motta, Cadreon’s Co-Director.


Zoom in.tv – The unit of video and programmatic

Observing the growing video access, many business has accede to this modality to differentiate from others. In the second semester of 2014, 38.2 million of videos were watched. This number is 43% superior to 2013. That is why the video is becoming mainstream and to announce with it is necessary to use data to segmentate the campaigns and hit the target intended. That way, the use of data allows that Zoomin.TV deliver campaigns with much more assertivity to clients.

“Use data to increase targeting assertivity in a unique way. We could deliver the video to the desired client, by pre-defined behaviour clusters, summed up to the platform filters by website, channel, context and geolocation.”, reports Guilherme Vitullo, ZoominTV’s Key Account Manager.


Estadão – Change in commercial model

Estadão uses data to better understand who are the readers of their news portal. These informations are valuable in media defense because shows the public chosen by the advertiser is active inside the website and the deliver of publicity occurs in a channeled and efficient manner. Besides, the data transforms the commercial model because transforms general inventory into specific ones, ergo, allows that segmentation occurs not just by context but by audience profile.

“Through use of data, we could explore in a assertive way, publics and behaviours present in our online ambience.”, says Ricardo Navas, Estadão’s Digital Publicity Coordinator.


CVC – Knowledge about the user

CVC utilizes data to understand customer behaviour and access all the information that goes beyond demographic. The business understand the consumer to a level of purchase intention and power, motivations, among others. That way, they can personalize an offer and the message of communication, offering packages that combine with the user.

“The use of data allows us to align the offer not just by purchase power but with their behavior profile as well. In that way, we can bring more assertive offers independently of trip types and use arguments of sale that really makes sense to that profile”, tells Marcio Malta, CVC’s Marketing Manager.


Rubicon – Segmentated offer campaigns

Rubicon project is a business with the mission of automate the process of purchase and sale of publicity, with global action in solution for both ends of the process: Publishers and advertisers. Rubicon understands that data are a valuable asset, manly for publisher that should use first, second and third party data with a differential to attend the necessities of advertisers and make segmented campaigns viable. Since advertisers can use data to create a pleasurable experience to their consumers, in which they receive offers that really make sense to them.


Samba Vídeos – Data for more completed reports

Samba Vídeos is a video platform that manages a digital logistic side-by-side, since when the media leaves the camera until being distributed to the public on internet. Working with Big Data and data mining, Samba Vídeos presents information about video consumption and audience profile – gender, age, civil status and spectors preference. The importance of make the data available to the clients is that with these numbers it is possible to have an x-ray of how and by whom the content is being watched and, with that information, mold the strategy of online videos.

“The digital world allows you to reach millions of people wherever they are. Linked to it, is very important know how the message is consumed and by which user profile. The use of data in Samba Vídeos’ Analytics allows the client to have in hands more information about their business and, therefore, can redirect the media content apart from targeted ad videos to an specific public, being more assertive and relevant”, explains Pedro Filizzola – Samba Tech’s CMO.

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