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Learn more about Navegg’s solution for big agencies and advertisers.

Data activation

Use all of the segmentation intelligence plugged into the top Ad Servers and Ad Exchanges.

Best offers and deals

Use your audience data and/or our segments data to create personas that would be offered in private deals.

Programmatic sales to publishers

Manage your portal data in a way that provides the type of purchasing and segmentation that advertisers crave.

Audience enrichment

The only platform which enriches the audience data of your portal. With Navegg's base, you can know your audience in depth, create personas and offer retargeting and/or lookalike.

Analytics for activation

Navegg manages the data and offers technology that activates it in purchasing media and/or portal customization.

Audience sharing

Use technology that allows major brands to share their audiences so as to impact these audiences on your own portal.

Efficient Media Kit

With rich information about your audience, you can increase the credibility of your sales’ speech and your possibilities of offering media not just by page content but by the profiles’ audience.

Previse how many users will be impacted in each campaign

Know the quantity and affinities of different targets inside your website. Configure filters, cross data and have insights about your audience and the different publics.

Show the value of your audience

Be listed in our solution, used by the main agencies and advertisers, and sell profile segmentation, interests and desires.

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