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Knowledge about an audience

Go beyond demographics, connect your customers' interactions with your digital properties so as to enhance your Business Intelligence and find out more about who you want to impact.


Take advantage of our methodology that guarantees to the advertiser that only people will see your ad.


Media programmatic, customization, and more

In addition to activating media programmatic data, you can also activate it by the customization of approach and/or customization of a campaign's content, e-mkt, site, blog, and more. Not to mention the possibility of sharing a certain audience with the portal or DSP that will run your campaign.


After discovering who you want to impact and which campaigns work better, based on the apprenticeship of your conversions, activate and rise the range of that data using our lookalike tool.

Build your target

Connect more than 1400 segmentation possibilities with your customer's buying journey to build your target.

Knowledge about brazilian users

Know the user's profiles that access sites and applications that use our technology.

Campaign planning

Choose the portals and DSPs that have more affinity with your audience and know which channel will perform best before running.

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