543 new buying intention segments are now available to advertisers and portals

Navegg studied its base and have launched 543 new buying intention segments.


There were months of preparation and study. Navegg analyzed its base of 523 existing buying intention segments and heard from advertisers, agencies and portals in order to better understand what new segments would further enrich the understanding of users’ buying intentions.


So what has changed?

To create 543 new segments, as well as attend the demands of our clients, Navegg set four objectives:

1. Greater granularity

Having granularity is important in order to specify as much as possible the type of product for which a client possesses buying intention. For example, before there was only one segment Alcoholic beverages, now there are 8 sub-segments that allow for more specificity.

buying intention segments-beverage

2. Volume

The study was not limited to just what new segments could be created, but also focused on the volume of users that each segment could reach. “Of course, we could create more specific segments. For example, a buying intention segment for Flashlights. However, the volume of people that this segment would be able to reach would be very low and wouldn’t compensate for its use in a campaign”, explains Eduardo L. Francisco, Navegg Data Scientist. “On the other hand, having a segment that groups potential buyers of camping items, of which lanterns of any kind would be included, makes more sense”, concludes Francisco.

buying intention segments-camping

3. Attends globally

Navegg already serves Brazil, Latin America, APAC and EMEA. For this reason, some new segments have been created to more accurately delineate the buying intention of users from all over the world. For example:

buying intention segments-latam e asia

4. Thinks about People

Being aware that segments are used to represent personas that will be impacted by campaigns, segments were created that help identify the characteristics of a person according to their buying intention. Thus, there are now associative segments, such as:

buying intention segments-persona


Study summary

In total, the study resulted in 543 new buying intention segments. In addition, the description, the name and the hierarchy of existing segments have been updated to better describe the users they represent, so that Navegg’s clients can locate desired segments easily.

After this work, Navegg doesn’t intend to stop. “Having just created and optimized the buying intention segments, we are already studying improvements for the Interest segments. Furthermore, Navegg clients can look forward to improvements in the DMP and more innovations in the segments of Affinity with Brands, Career segments and B2B.”, revealed Francisco.


These new segments are already available on Navegg’s DMP dashboard. If you would like to receive the complete new segment tree, please contact us!

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