Soccer Fans, Corporate Decision Makers, Young Entrepreneurs and 19 more Navegg’s segments

Navegg launches 22 new segments created to meet the demand of its customers.

After the creation of 543 new buying intention segments, Navegg looked at the demand of its customers and created 22 segments.


How does these segments differ from the others?

The buying intention segments demonstrate the intent of the Internet user to buy something. The demographic segments present the possible demographic profile of that audience. The technology segments indicate the operating system, device or browser used by the visitor, and so on.

Unlike these segments, ones have been created via other Navegg segments. “These are segments which represent people. We have put together a few Navegg segments of buying intent, interest, Navegg EveryOne, Navegg EveryBuyer, among others to compose each of the 22 Special Audiences segments. “, explains Izabela Ferreira, Navegg Data Manager.


How were they created?

Some customers came to Navegg with a demand for creating personas. He began to realize that some of them were being repeated. “So we thought it would be better if we created these segments and then made them available for all our customers to access. In addition to expanding the use of such segments, we would accelerate the demand of these customers.”, Comments Ferreira, Navegg Data Manager.


What are the 22 segments?

The 22 segments of Special Audiences are:


How can I use them in my campaigns?

All 22 segments are already available on major DSPs in the market, such as Media Math, Oath and Google DBM.


If you would like more information about the 22 segments or if you have any segment suggestions that should be created? Contact us!


Post updated on 10/01/2018.

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