Winners or Warriors? Learn how to identify the personality of your target audience and sell more

Do you know your target audience? That question seems very simple, but most of the time the answer can bring a union of personal experiences. Of course that your opinion of your target its very important and should be taken into account, however, there are some solutions to supply this lack of detailed information.

Define your “buyer personas”

Buyer personas are a simplified representation of a group of buyers. One persona is a kind of character, created to clarify identify, behavior, preferences and demands of one determined target. The more information you have in your hands, the better it will be. This makes it a lot easier to define a persona.

But, how to collect and process all the necessary information required in this method? Don’t worry! During the last 5 years we have analyzed and studied these personas and their online behavior, then together with psychologists, mathematicians and sociologists, we have gathered all our experience and knowledge to create a consumer classification methodology according to online behavior.

Clusters Navegg

Our research is to understand consumer habits and surfers behavior who pass daily by more than 100 thousands sites, taking into account the entire buying process, from clicking a link to the closing of an application. Clusters are groups that characterize the diverse personalities of consumers and serve just to understand what  their behavior is, what habits and motivations that lead people to visit your site and buying your products. They are divided into 8 groups, in separate quadrants, according with your power consumption and tendency to reason or emotion.

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Get to know witch clusters


In their majority, they are professional and financially successful people. They value the exclusivity, quality and innovation, and usually pay more for it. As they are moved by reason, they always analyze the benefits of what they want.


They are the first ones to try something new. Such as in fashion items  or electronic devices. It is important them to be aware to the news. For the explorer, it is not enough to follow, they also want to create tendency and the ways that others will follow later.


Generally, they are responsible for the support of the home. They work hard to keep the bills on time and give comfort to those who depend on them.Therefore, they are quite rational, not easily giving way to unnecessary items. For the warrior, fulfill needs is the most important.


People who believe in some cause  that can transform the world and are willing to be part of it. Idealists are optimistic and reflect on their consumer habits. They value ecologically correct products and are focused for personal and social well-being.


Responsible for spreading trends, followers are always attuned to fashion, always connected to the latest trends. They do care about their images a lot, the luxury and the perception that others have of them. Because of this, they are huge consumers.


Who reaches the very rapid financial success often falls in this group. Consumers and materialistic in the extreme, these people have a genuine desire for all that is fashionable. Buy by impulse, and often without looking at the price.


Once a conservative creates confidence in a brand or service, it is virtually impossible to make him change his mind. This public values the family, institutions, their own values and regrets and don’t do anything that violates the status quo.


Stress is not with them. Laidbacks are calm and sometimes too much. They are always waiting for a good opportunity and give much attention to convenience. As they don’t think about the future, they are attracted by easy credit.

Be in tune with Navegg’s blog and in few weeks we will show in details the behaviors, tastes and profiles each of these clusters. So you know what the best way of communicating is and of course, to sell to each of them.

Interested in applying the clusters to your business? Please contact us.

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