Navegg’s targeting criteria guarantee that ads be seen just for people; not for robots

Business develops systems that permit videos and banners to be exhibited just for humans and not for robots - presently, about 25% of campaigns are fraud targets.


At every 3 dollars spent on online ads, one is lost in fraudulent ads. The numbers come from the IAB research done in partnership with a digital security company. The study reveals that fraudulent ads consume the order amounts of 18.5 million dollars a year.

That’s why Navegg, data provider company and DMP, created a new segment of audience, Verified Human Traffic, which guarantees the advertiser that only people will see your ad.

The creation of the new criteria was developed based on analysis of browsing habits of users. “Robots are created for specific actions and analyzing the browsing history, the type of device and connection, we can infer based on longer histories and certain devices and connections that it is from a real person. In addition, the fact that we are present in more than 100,000 sites allows us to differentiate the online behavior patterns of robots and humans.” Says Luciano Juvinski, CTO of Navegg.

All Navegg data already comes with this criteria applied. In other words, all advertisers and agencies that target their campaigns with Navegg – regardless of what programmatic platform they use – already benefit from this feature. In order to make the digital life smarter, optimize the investment of advertisers and agencies and help them accomplish more assertive campaigns, the new standard targeting became independent. This means that it can be used in programmatic media platforms like Google’s DoubleClick Bid Manager combined with any other data type. Just, when you target a campaign, select all the features you want and add the Verified Human Traffic, which is now available for use.

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