Grupo Expansión signs agreement with Navegg

Navegg today announced it has signed a data supply agreement with Grupo Expansión powering all of their online and mobile sites.


Headquartered in Mexico City, Grupo Expansión was founded in 1966 originally targeting business and finance news to the Mexican audience.  A few years later, the company also launched titles in the entertainment, real estate, travel and lifestyle industries.  With important websites, such as Expansión, Manufactura, Obras, IDC, Quién, InStyle, Elle, Life & Style, Chilango, Mediotiempo y Expansión MX, Grupo Expansión is the largest online conglomerate in Mexico, with almost 30 million unique users per month.

Grupo Expansión will use Navegg’s rich data sets to power its direct sales efforts together with programmatic platforms in all of Latin America and the US Hispanic markets.  According to Angel Hernandez – Head of Digital Sales Strategy for Grupo Expansión -, Navegg’s data will complement its data management strategy initiated a few years ago. “The main reason for selecting Navegg is their rich presence in Latin America and the hispanic audiences in the US associated with their simple to use platform and intuitive operation.”, explains Hernandez.

“Navegg is extremely proud to start working with Grupo Expansión, for sure one of the most advanced and sophisticated publishers in Latin America.  Grupo Expansión will also serve as a key reference for our international expansion strategy”, says Geraldo Maroniene, Head of Global Operations for Navegg.

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