248 new segments for building personas

Sportsmen, travelers, gamers and investors are some of the personas that can be developed in greater detail with 248 new segments.


In addition to developing new and better features for the platform, we are dedicated to periodically revisiting our segment tree in order to update it. After all, it is thanks to this segment tree that our customers will be able to have a better analysis of their audiences and better targeting campaigns.

Additionally, users’ interests and buying intentions change constantly, and these developments need to be tracked in order to achieve a greater level of analytical detail and create personas that make sense for marketing strategies.

So, in celebration of Navegg’s 11th anniversary of which we are completing this month, we are working on creating 248 new segments. 166 new segments of interest and 82 of purchase intention.

The highlights are:


These 248 new segments are all now available on the Navegg platform – enriching audience analysis for blogs, e-commerce, and advertisers who use our technology – and, on the industry’s leading DSPs and portals who use our technology – for more assertive media purchases.


If you are already a Navegg client, please check out our updated segment tree!

If you are not, please contact our team to request yours.

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