Navegg launches new audience segments for Black Friday

Black Friday has inspired the creation of 10 new segments, in addition to the two created in 2015.


The dynamics of Black Friday are already familiar to us: on one hand we have consumers taking advantage of lower prices to buy the products they want and/or buying early for Christmas. On the other hand, we have companies offering attractive prices to seize the opportunity to empty their stocks for Christmas.

Being aware of the importance of this date, Navegg created segments to unite those most interested: those who want to offer discounts and those who are looking for offers. In 2015, Navegg created 2 segments that remain available for activation with publishers and programmatic platforms. Those are:

  • Online Shoppers – Internet users who like to shop online.
  • Black Friday Shoppers – Internet users who like to shop online during the period of Black Friday, independant of the type of product they are looking for.

This year, to further collaborate with agency and advertiser targeting strategies, weve created 10 special segments. These are:

Segment Description
Aficionados of Black Friday Internet users who, are registering and accessing content about Black Friday.
Black Friday Eletronics Internet users who intend to buy electronics in general, during Black Friday. For example, TVs, home theaters, portable sound systems, DVDs, blu-rays, speakers, video connectors, hdmi cables, video adapter, audio and video accessories, etc.
Black Friday Games Internet user who intend to buy video games, board games, computer games, card games and so on during Black Friday.
Black Friday Home Appliances Internet users who want to take advantage of Black Friday discounts to buy home appliances. For example, refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, ovens, air-conditioning, freezers, washing machines, clothes dryers, cooktops, hoods, dishwashers, etc.
Black Friday Smartphones Internet users who intend to buy smartphones, specifically during Black Friday.
Black Friday TV Internet users who intend to by televisions specifically during Black Friday. This would be SmartTVs, Led TVs, TV Monitors, portable TVs and others.
Black Friday Computers For Internet users of this segment, Black Friday will be used for buying computers, be it notebooks or desktops.
Black Friday Home Decor Internet users who during Black Friday intend to buy furniture, wallpaper, lighting, decoration items in general, among others.
Black Friday Sports Internet users who want to take advantage of Black Friday discounts to buy sporting goods, such as cleats, sportswear, stopwatches, balls, surfboards, diving masks, bicycles, camping equipment, etc.
Black Friday Real Estate Internet users who intend to buy real estate, specifically during Black Friday.

At present, the segments created for Black Friday 2016 are available on the principal programmatic platforms and portals on the market. If you want to use these segments or make our segments available on your platform or portal, please contact us.

Good sales!

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