Navegg will help Streamlyn segment audience data in APAC, SEA & MENA Market

The programmatic media agency needed to segment audience data in APAC, SEA & MENA Market and selected Navegg.

Navegg will help Streamlyn segment audience data in APAC, SEA & MENA Market

Streamlyn is a programmatic media agency operating out of Singapore and India with expansion going on to segment audience data in APAC, SEA & MENA Market. The company works with advertisers and publishers attempting to bridge the gap between them. It works as an agency on one side and an SSP on the other side so that both advertisers and publishers could access quality supply and brand safe demand which is brokerage fee and cost effective.


Streamlyn’s main goal is to create a sophisticated, tech rich and fraud free private marketplace for advertisers and publishers. “We are working on making our SSP StreamX and it is under beta phase. Once fully live, we will be able to help publishers access quality demand along with high RPMs. We also have our in-house buying console BidsXchange where advertisers can set up their campaign either on a self-serve or managed model and could access this supply on a first look basis.”, details Raja Chakraborty, CEO at Streamlyn.


Navegg’s expertise in audience data will help Streamlyn track and target all users  through their platform StreamX. This will help advertisers reaching out to a much granular and niche audience, which in turn gives advertisers better ROI and publishers increased revenue. “We are dealing with more than 2 billion impressions per month from our direct publishers. However, we were not able to get in-depth insights on the audiences we are monetizing. With Navegg, we are able to know the audience profile along with their interest and demographics. This helps us in reaching our goal that is educating APAC publishers about accepting Programmatic as a way of optimizing their content apart from the traditional methods.”, clarifies Chakraborty.


Navegg is very excited with this new partnership. For the company, it means an opportunity to work in a new region. “Helping Streamlyn and their clients to segment audience data in APAC, SEA & MENA Market and get in-depth insights on their audiences make us very proud of our work because it put us closer to our goal: make digital interactions more intelligent and connect people and brands.”, declares Geraldo Maroniene, Head of Global Sales and Operations for Navegg.
Chakraborty explains that Streamlyn decided to go ahead with Navegg because of its easy integration and niche data parameters. “Also, we have spoken with many DMP’s in the market. While evaluating different platforms, we were very happy with the features that Navegg offers. Such as Audience kit and Instant Target.”


Find out more about these features here.

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