OAS RealMedia

To make OAS RealMedia integration with Navegg’s solutions follow the model shown below:

Step 1

It is necessary to do a little modification on the main code MJX of OAS according to the example below:

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Step 2

All Navegg segments are available on OAS as keynames. With the exception of products and categories of products (because of its large amount), all segments should be registered previously.


  1. On interface from OAS, go to the option “Databases”, item “Keynames” and click on the button “New keyname”;
  2. Type the key from the group of Navegg segments in the field “Keyname”;
  3. In “Keyvalue” insert the strings, or IDs, from the segments of the group, a value in each line and then, just press “Add”:Inserindo segmentos Navegg no OAS RealMedia

Use of segment campaigns

  1. On the campaigns’ register screen, click in the tab “Target” and expand the field “Search Term Targeting”. In the area expanded, click in the link “Search Term Wizard”:
  2. Find the desired keyname and press “Next”:
  3. Click the button “Equals” (Relationship section), check if the field “Keyvalues” is “1” and press “Next keyname”:
  4. Revise it and press “Finish”:

It is possible to segment campaigns in combinations with more keynames. Just select more than a keyname.