9 years of Navegg

The 9 years of Navegg is marked by achievements and evolutions.


Today, the 9th of October 2017, celebrates 9 years of Navegg. Of everything the company has achieved, our most important accomplishments are those related with our coverage, our solutions and our clients and partners.



In order to optimize Internet users navigations and deliver a richer digital experience, Navegg analyzes the online behavior of Internet users from 201 countries across 5 continents. Navegg’s presence in Asia, Africa, Europe and even more countries in Latin America was one of the highlights of last year.



Navegg started with solutions focused on websites, blogs, e-commerces and large portals. Afterwards, being attentive to market demand, Navegg launched solutions for large agencies and advertisers to support the buying and selling of programmatic media. The milestone for last year in the Solutions theme was the launch of Branded Data, a new form of audience monetization for publishers and brands, already being used by players such as Buscapé and ZAP.

In addition, our history includes the development of two proprietary methodologies which helps us understand Internet user behavior; (Navegg EveryOne and Navegg Everybuyer) and anti-fraud to be used in campaigns.


Clients and Partners

In 9 years of Navegg, it has helped in the closing of a multitude of deals and partnerships. Companies of all sizes now rely on our technology to better understand the Internet user and deliver a richer advertising and consumer experience. The difference is that now we come in English, Spanish, Portuguese and even Mandarin.


The best part of our anniversary is looking back and remembering the achievements we have accomplished thus far, while also looking forward to engineering what we will yet accomplish in the future. We still aren’t yet able to advance everything that we intend but what we can say is that we shall continue working to make digital life more intelligent and constantly reinvent ourselves in order to meet the demands of the market.


See the graph below for a little of our history.


9 years of Navegg

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248 new segments for building personas

Sportsmen, travelers, gamers and investors are some of the personas that can be developed in greater detail with 248 new segments.

142 new segments for beverages, football teams, administration, music and cinema.

Navegg has created 142 new segments to meet the demand of its customers.

Soccer Fans, Corporate Decision Makers, Young Entrepreneurs and 19 more Navegg’s segments

Navegg launches 22 new segments created to meet the demand of its customers.